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Bungee jumping Ultra twister Standing coaster
Bungee Jumping ♦picking up Ultra Twister ♦picking up Standing Coaster ♦picking up
Jump from 170m the height above the sea level. Moment of excitement, unforgetable moment for the lifetime. Can you check your love here?
(Weight limitation : 32-113kg)
*1,500yen/With T-shirt
After running on 85 degree slope, right twist, left twist in backwards, breathtaking actions continues. Unable to take a breath until the last minute.
( Height bar : 120cm or more )
Go through vertical loop and horizontal loop while standing up. Even the Seto Ohashi Bridge will become upside down.
( Height bar : 140cm or more )

Rainbow warp Turbo drop Back nanjar
Rainbow Warp Turbo Drop ♦picking up Back Nanjya ♦picking up
Ferris wheel that takes 15 minutes for 1 round. Enjoy the scenery of Seto from 222m in the sky. Descend vertically from 200m the height above the sea level, only one in the East Japan.
( Height bar : 130cm or more )
Back Nanjya (Okayama dialect) Only one in Japan! Only one in the universe! Backward facing roller coaster with the loop.
( Height bar : 140cm or more )

Chupy coaster Roll rocket Rotor wave
Chupy Coaster Roll Rocket Rotor Wave
The roller coaster runs on the course in the shape of the letter 8, shooting to the Rainbow ferris from 150m the height above the sea level to wheel. The loading capsule rotates with high speed. Can you put up with gravity? Very interesting movement as it rotates while waving.

Sky view Sky cycle Merry-go-round
Sky View Sky Cycle Merry-Go-Round
The scenery of 360 degrees. Enjoy spectacular view of 6 bridges between Honshu and Shikoku from 180m the height above the sea level. Ride the bicycle at 16m (equivalent to 4-story building) from the ground level. Enjoy the thrill and view.
( Height bar : 130cm or more )
Takes you to the world of fairy tale.

Chain tower Mary cup Inline slating
Chain tower Mary Cup In-line Skates ♦picking up
Fly into the sky with couple and enjoy the fresh wind. Make your laughter turn as well. Free slide for everyone. Only one in Japan!! Backlight shine smiles as well. Discotheque and inline Skates. ( shoes : 500yen )

Panorama jumbo ice skating Samba stage Spiral slider pool
Panorama Jumbo Ice Skating
♦picking up
Samba Stage Spiral Slider Swimming Pool
♦picking up
Free slide for everyone. Cheerfully under the sun. Romantic atomosphere under the moonlight. Very big outside skate rink. Original gloves are given for free.
( shoes : 500yen )
Lively Samba show from Brazil and Bingo game take place every day. Newly-opened 100m pool and gigantic water slide. Let's enjoy cool summer with water splash.
( Free )